There was a time that innovative Pharmaceutical Industries could rely on their R & D, their filled pipeline with promising compounds, their salesforce and marketing muscles.

Currently Life Science companies are experiencing profound and rapid changes in global markets, R & D and technology, as well as in the social, environmental and legal context in which they must operate.

In this challenging environment they need to understand and work cohesively within a chain or network in order to react decisively to market demands, strengthen their competitive position and meet the requirements of a wide group of stakeholders.

Passion for Progress

Letschert consultancy offers tailored solutions to companies, institutes and professionals in the Healthcare Arena with cutting-edge theory and domain-specific knowledge and an effective network of key decision makers in the healthcare environment.

Jan Letschert’s pharmaceutical consultancy has a leading name in offering strategic and operational marketing solutions, often through previously uncharted waters.

In addition we educate and develop tomorrow’s decision makers in the Healthcare Arena, giving the broad knowledge and skills that will prepare them to adapt to change and play a variety of roles during their careers.

Unique Features

  • Tailored solutions by cutting-edge technology, validated models and specific domain knowledge and management competences
  • Broad scope and full range of services e.g. strategic, structural, operational marketing, Sales-force efficiency, monitoring, training and coaching
  • Access and efficient network of key decision makers in the healthcare environment
  • Highly personal and professional approach with strong emphasis on problem solving and cooperation
  • Highest level of availability also outside office hours