A strategy is as strong as its implementation. Managers need to understand the key-driving forces that affect their performance. In this rapidly changing environment they have to contend with the power of consumers, with regulatory authorities, novel opportunities in information technology and response to competition.

Our mission is to enhance entrepreneurship and offer tailored solutions in order to create a fast inroad in the market and to increase competitiveness.

From pricing and reimbursement issues towards pre-marketing, value chain management, customer relation management and marketing-mix optimization programs, Letschert consultancy is your partner in boosting your sales.

Specific areas of expertise

  • Liaison management for strategic alliance partners, e.g. co-marketing/co-promotion
  • Pre-marketing; pre-empting the marketplace in order to create an optimal platform for a fast and sustainable inroad in the market
  • Optimal marketing mix based on targeting and profiling
  • Softlanding programs for off-patent products e.g. exit strategy