Sales-Force Effectiveness

The sales-force is not only the most important tool of management but moreover the most costly one. Sales-force effectiveness is becoming a key driver of boosting sales and a vehicle to leverage investments. In addition, it provides real insight in the size and composition of the market and the activities in the sales-force.

Delphi Sales Consulting

Letschert consultancy entered into a strategic alliance with Delphi Sales Consulting, the leading company in targeting and profiling.

The Delphi process generates, validates and analyzes data with their proprietary technology in order to prepare a trustworthy targetlist based on a custom-defined profile.

The cooperation between Letschert consultancy and Delphi is more than complementary, it brings the best in cutting-edge technology and implementation. The combination of the above, results in the best possible targeting and monitoring system given the current legal constraints and state of technology.

Although tried by others, there is no substitute for this targeting and monitoring system.

Unique features:

  • Customized targeting system based on proven methodology and novel technology
  • The targeting system does not depend on external data, which is not only incomplete and inaccurate but is also available for your direct competitors
  • Although the system respects the strategy, structure and systems of the company, it gives senior management insight in the size and composition of the sales-force and will leverage investments as part of the focus-strategy
  • Senior management can rest assured that the targeting will be done accurately and on time as part of an integrated process in the organisation and in the monitoring systems