Strategy & Structure

Letschert consultancy has a strong foundation in offering tailored solutions for compelling strategic issues. With our hands-on multidisciplinary background we can assess the significance of specific topics and plot a clear strategic course.

From turn-around business strategies towards portfolio analyses, restructuring programs, strategic alliances, mergers and acquisitions we comprehend the strategic process and offer solutions which enable clients to excel in creating a competitive edge.

During far-reaching strategic and/or structural changes in the company, the executive management should as minimal as possible be distracted from their daily business.

With our experience and proven methodology we can prepare the organisation in a way that new and existing players can smoothly redefine their roles, face new perspectives, and increase the procurement power of the company.

Areas of expertise:

Focus strategy

  • Portfolio management
  • Revival programs
  • Life-cycle management
  • Exit strategy off-patent products
  • Market development
  • Pre-empting (new) markets
  • etc.

Strategic alliances

  • Optimization and integration programs for co-marketing or co-promotion alliances

Mergers & Acquisitions

  • Integration processes
  • Achieving financial targets: hard-synergy, one-time costs, alignment of labor conditions
  • Re-structuring the organisation including social planning
  • Alignment of systems
  • Restore credibility in company


  • Principle ‘structure follows strategy’
  • Optimal organisation
  • Sales-force effectiveness program
  • Targeting and monitoring